**WE   NUMB  YOUR   PIERCING**
We are a Body Piercing Studio based in Maidstone.

We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer or get in touch.

Female & male piercers- we numb your piercing
For more pictures and chat add us on face book we have over 5000 followers 

Located on 3rd floor
BODY PIERCING- from 12 years old with a parents consent and present at time
BODY PIERCING-from 16 on your own with photo id
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             OPENING TIMES

                 MON   10am  - 5.30

TUE  10am - 5.30

WED  10am- 5.30

THUR  10am-5.30
FRI    10am -5.30
 SAT   10am -5.30
 11am - 4pm  
Special offer
 Sunday offer 
Book and get  £5 off
need to book 24 hr notice